My rights as a Consumer

Choosing the body shop where your vehicle will be repaired is an important decision, and you have the right to make that decision.

Your Choice of Auto Body Repair Facility

Choosing the body shop where your vehicle will be repaired is an important decision, and in most cases, you have the right to make that decision. Not all shops are alike, however, when it comes to having properly trained technicians and the equipment and facilities needed to fix your vehicle right, so making a well informed choice is key.

Your insurance company may suggest you use one of its “direct-repair facilities”—these are shops with which the insurer has a contractual agreement.

Remember, the body shop is fixing YOUR vehicle for YOU, and it’s important you’re comfortable with the shop you choose.

Right of Choice

You have the “Right of Choice” in who repairs your vehicle. The law protects your “Right of Choice” to have your vehicle repaired at the facility you choose regardless of how hard your Insurer may push for you to use one of their “Preferred” repair shops. Don’t ever hesitate to call us if you feel pressured to go in a repair direction that makes you uncomfortable.

OEM Parts Guarantee

Very often insurance companies, in an effort to reduce their costs, only allow for Aftermarket or alternative parts as replacement components. These inferior parts most often do not carry the same quality standards or warranties as OEM parts. At Regal Repair all outer body crash replacement parts that are used in the repair of your vehicle are guaranteed to be made by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Lifetime Warranty

We provide you with a lifetime warranty on all repairs as long as you own the vehicle. Regal Repair is one of the few Auto Body Shops in the area that Offers a Lifetime Warranty on Auto Body Repair and Paint Services. We understand that you are putting your trust in us as you hand over your key. That is why quality of our materials and repair work is set to the highest standards. We guarantee that as long as you own your vehicle, we will correct or repair all defects in relation to the repair. Contact our shop to schedule a free appointment.

Choice of Repair Parts

As a consumer, you have the right to request that your vehicle be repaired only with Original Equipment (OE) collision replacement parts. These are the same parts that your vehicle manufacturer distributes to ensure proper fit, function, and most importantly, safety.

Two factors influence whether your request will be honored: your insurance policy limitations and local (state) laws and regulations regarding collision repair.

Insurance Policy Limitations

Some policies may allow for OE parts in all circumstances, while others may allow for OE parts depending on the age of the vehicle. Some may specifically call for use of parts that are “like kind and quality,” usually indicating salvage parts. In other cases, insurance companies may offer two auto policies; one that specifies that only OE parts be used, and another specifying the use of only alternative parts.

In addition, there may be policies available through a plan endorsed by your vehicle manufacturer, which assures OE parts for that brand of vehicle. Find out before you buy!

State Laws and Regulations

Most states including California require repair shops and/or insurers to disclose to their customers when something other than OE parts will be used, usually as part of the estimating process.

Far fewer states—about a quarter—also require shops and/or insurers to get your consent before using non-OE parts. These laws and regulations vary greatly, however, and most come with time limits—such as two years/30,000 miles—or other restrictions.

There also are several states with no disclosure or consent rules currently in place for collision repair.

Protect your family and your vehicle investment, and know your rights BEFORE YOUR VEHICLE IS REPAIRED.

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