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When your vehicle is in a collision, the bumper is often the first part of the car to engage the impact. In some cases, the bumper will prevent significant damage to the rest of your car but sustain damage itself. For this reason, you want bumpers that operate as they are designed to do. At Regal Repair we specialize in car bumper repairs and replacements.
The primary parts of the bumper assembly include the:

  • Bumper cover
  • Energy absorber
  • Bumper reinforcement
  • Air deflectors that direct air through the grille opening
  • Closeout panels that divert airflow, reducing drag
  • Attachment brackets and fasteners that secure the bumper assembly to the vehicle structure

Bumper Repair Cost

Costs associated with bumper replacement or repair arise from

  • Labor costs associated with removing the old bumper
  • Labor costs related to installing the new bumper
  • The price of the replacement bumper
  • Potential costs associated with painting your new bumper to match the vehicle

With these things in mind, a bumper replacement or repair can cost between $250 to $1200 or in some cases more. Get in touch with a Regal Repair for fast and free repair estimate.

Bumper Repair vs Replace

At Regal Repair our skilled estimator will provide you with the safest and financially sound options to choose from.

Bumper Repair

In case of minor scratches or dents on your bumper the suggested solution would be to repair it. Small bumper dents can easily be pulled out and scratches can be rinsed off, scrubbed, wiped, sanded or covered up.

Bumper Replace

When the bumper suffered a major dent or a crack, the impact goes beyond more than just the appearance of your car. Chances are there are underlying damages to bumper enforcer and mounting plastics which will only be noticeable after the disassembly. With a crack, your bumper’s structural integrity will be weaker, which means it won’t be able to provide maximum protection in case you get into another accident. Since a crack generally can’t be fixed, our estimator will prescribe to Regal Repair certified technicians to replace your bumper.

How long it Usually Takes to repair a bumper?

Depending on the extend of the damage, the bumper repair can take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 business days. For your convenience Regal Repair offers Free Shuttle and Car Pickup/Delivery Services.

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Regal Repair is OEM Certified and Recognized

We are proud to be certified collision center by manufacture. That means: each aspect of the repair followed the Original Manufacturer’s (OEM) specified repair procedures, each technician assigned to your vehicle’s repair has the qualifications, certification and/or training necessary to properly perform their assigned job, and only genuine quality repair parts are used.

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Bumper Repair Process

1. Clean the Damaged Area. Our technician cleans the entire bumper with soap and water, followed by a VOC compliant surface cleaner to eliminate any additional contaminants. Cleaning the entire bumper can also help you identify any hidden damage. Use a dedicated microfiber detail cloth for each cleaning agent..

2. Fuse Crack. Once the sanding has been completed, heat will be applied to the affected area to align the crack. Administering heat onto the crack will melt the plastic back into place – allowing for each side of the crack to hold together properly.

3. Restore Body Shape. Depending on how severe the crack is, we’ll use several thinner layers of filler to avoid an uneven finish. The purpose of body filler is to smooth out the surface to prepare the area for paint. Body filler typically takes about 20-30 minutes to dry.

4. Sand to Smooth. After the filler has dried, we sand down the repaired cracked area to create an extra smooth surface to prepare for the paint primer.

5. Prime and Paint. Primer helps the paint adhere to the car’s bumper, so this application is vital to a seamless paint job. Once the primer has dried, the correct paint color will be applied to the area coat by coat, until the paint is perfectly blended.

6. Clear Coat. A clear coat is applied as a final step in the bumper. Clear coat adds a polish and protective coat that preserves the newly applied paint. The result is a perfectly fixed bumper that looks brand new.

Bumper Repair Before and After

Quality Bumper Repair Services for All Vehicle Makes & Models.


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