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Our Car painting services include auto paint, touch-ups, as well as complete paint jobs to bring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.


We provide car painting as part of our overall collision auto body repair services. Our automotive paint jobs are known for their durability and shine and come with a full National Lifetime Guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle.

Our Painting and Refinishing Services Include:

Full Downdraft Paint Booth

Main layers of automotive paint

clear coat finish

The point of clear coat is to protect the paint that’s underneath and make it shine. One of the biggest ways paint gets damaged results from oxidation courtesy of the sun’s UV rays. This is why the clear coat finishes have UV inhibitors in them. These help prevent the ultraviolet rays from fading the color of the vehicle.

Basecoat-actual colored paint

It’s the actual colored paint of the vehicle that would go on top of the primer layer. Base coats don’t contain any strengtheners or hardeners. This means it’s just raw paint, sitting on top of the primer. If left in this raw state, you will likely see noticeable blemishes in the paint, which potentially let moisture in, rusting the surface of the frame.

Primer - prep or undercoat finish

Primer is used to get the surface of the vehicle ready for painting. Primers (in general) are put on in order to help the surface of the paint stick to the vehicle. Trying to throw a base or clear coat on a metal surface without the primer would not only look tacky, but the paint wouldn’t bond consistently. Therefore, you can think of the primer as the binding layer.

Electrocoat, E-Coat

E-coat stands for Electro-deposition Coating. E-coating is an immersion wet paint finishing process that uses electrical current to attract the paint product to a metal surface. This process is also referred to as paint deposition.

Most Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts come from the factory with a primer called e-coat.


Automotive Pretreatment exhibits a wide array of benefits including: Superior Corrosion Protection, Improved Metal Cleanliness, Excellent Paint Adhesion and Increased Uniform Metal Appearance.


Substratum is defined as something that underlies or serves as a basis or foundation. A substrate can be plastic, carbon fiber, aluminum or any of a variety of steels. When analyzing damage of the vehicle and deciding how to repair it, the first thing that needs to be done is to identify what material is under that paint.

Car Paint and Refinish

While some auto paint shops in Burbank may choose minimal preparation to be faster, Regal Repair always takes the time to makes sure the existing surface is perfect before applying the first drop of paint. We'll do any necessary body repair, sand, repair chips and scratches, and add protective surface sealant as part of our preparation process. Once the surface is ready, your car is ready to be painted. With your chosen color and style of paint, we'll enter the paint bay and protect all sensitive areas before applying the paint in a smooth and even coat.

Painting and Refinishing Process:

  • The exact color of paint has to be selected
  • The vehicle is carefully cleaned and degreased
  • Any part not being painted is covered with protective plastic and tape
  • It is brought into a painting booth with controlled ventilation and temperature
  • It is spray-painted multiple times, and then covered in a clear, protective layer
  • The paint is dried either by air and time, or by heat
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Water-base Paint and In-House Color Match

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes offers accurate color matching and superior support. Shop. When it comes to building durability, increasing performance or enhancing appearance, Sherwin Williams refinish business owns a track record of success no other company can match. For nearly 100 years, they’ve delivered the automotive, commercial fleet and light industrial coatings the world needs.
Reducing our impact on the environment. Helping the neighborhoods where we live. Creating a workplace that is safe and diverse. These are our challenges. As a local body shop, we are meeting them in big ways.

We proudly use Sherwin-Williams Paints

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